I believe color is the mirror of human emotion. My artwork reflects my exploration of my native culture as well as my weaving experience. The color and subject matter of my art has been greatly influenced by my roots as a Zapotec Native. My life has been dedicated to art. I was born in Teotitlan Del Valle, Oaxaca, in 1973. I began weaving under my father and grandmother’s tutelage at age 7. I studied Zapotec culture and vegetable dyes in Oaxaca.

I have redefined the boundaries of contemporary Zapotec pedal loom weaving, combining vibrant hand-dying wool, with dazzling designs of astounding complexity. My present work reflects over a decade of design development inspired by Zapotec culture. I have been weaving and designing in my studio in Santa Ana, California since a teenager, I carried on the craft in my studio of my suburban ranch-style house.

Each of my weaving is an original work of art. I use glorious colors, imaginative designs and fine texture of my hand-spun weaving, they are testament to the months of hard work it can take to complete just one masterpiece. I hand-dye every yarn, and individually designs each tapestry and hand weave them. I use over 2000 years of ancient method for my vegetable dying.


I have been a special guest weaver at several Museums and art galleries where I show my work and do lectures about the art of Zapotec weaving with natural dyes. One of my works is now part of a major art collection at the LosAngeles Natural History Museum.